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For water control, three points depend on governance, and seven points depend on maintenance. Water environment operation and maintenance services are essential. Resources and environmental protection, not only to be a first-rate expert on comprehensive improvement of the water environment, but also to be a first-rate expert on water quality management.

With ten years of experience in water management, resources and environmental protection are transforming from “basin management experts” to “basin water quality management experts”. The overall planning and design is based on the principles of water quality and scientific modeling. To achieve the ultimate goal of water environment management.

Resources and environmental protection has accumulated rich experience in water quality operation and maintenance in rural sewage, river course management, black and odorous water bodies, and lake management, and formed its own long-term water management technology system and operation and maintenance method.

Long-lasting water quality conservation

Water quality long-term operation and maintenance technology

Nano intelligent aeration + microbial module combination technology

Bionic buffer zone shoreline technology

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