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PPP Investment Management Center

Resource Group attaches great importance to the development of PPP projects. In order to regulate the investment behavior of Resources Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., improve the management and control capabilities of PPP projects, prevent investment risks, ensure investment returns, and orderly promote the implementation of PPP projects, establish a PPP investment management center.

• The center has established a management system from the early stage of the project to the project implementation and implementation of the entire chain. From the feasibility study, consulting, economic analysis, risk control, legal affairs, investment and financing, professionals have participated in the identification, demonstration, and procurement of the project. In the process of implementation, implementation and transfer, it is conducive to improving the scientificity and professionalism of project life-cycle management.

• Relying on design, research and development, equipment and industrialization support, the center plans on the consulting side from the financing structure, investment return, and exit mechanism, which can maximize the protection of investors' interests.

• PPPs in black and odorous water bodies such as river basins and lakes focus on water quality improvement and ecological restoration as the starting point, and provide all-round solutions for the current major objectives of river length systems and lake length systems. Engineering departure concept.

PPP investment and financing + industrial chain incubation platform, continued to participate in industry new technology investment, mergers and acquisitions, resource integration PPP asset securitization into industrial investment layout.

1. Provide resource support for Guangdong Province and local governments to promote the development of the environmental protection industry, and provide local governments with environmental protection industry development consulting;

2. To provide entry for member companies who are interested in entering the environmental protection industry across borders;

3. Provide investment opportunities for various financial investment enterprises;

4. Provide international and domestic exchange and cooperation opportunities for enterprises;

5. Establishment of industry funds

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