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  • Full industry chain services
    Guangzhou Resources Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. has been focusing on technology research and development and engineering practice in the field of comprehensive water environment improvement for more than ten years. It has been in a leading position in various market segments such as river channel management, river basin management, urban landscape lake management, and rural sewage treatment. A company that provides products and services for the entire industrial chain of water environment treatment.
  • Planning consulting design
    Upholding the corporate philosophy of honesty and innovation, and taking advantage of the company's own resources and technological advantages, Resources & Environmental Protection established Guangzhou Resources & Water Environment Design & Research Co., Ltd. After many years of training, nearly 60 professionals have been trained and attracted.

    The institute integrates multi-professional and multi-disciplinary technologies in the field of municipal administration, water conservancy, gardening, environment, biology, ecology, etc., and integrates comprehensive technological innovation and integration of the water environment comprehensive regulation industrial chain, occupying a leading position in industry technology and design.
  • Water ecological restoration
    Ecological restoration of urban eutrophic landscape lakes is the business sector that has the most complete technical reserves of resources and environmental protection, the most construction cases, and the most prominent engineering effects. Without destroying the existing pattern of terrestrial landscape, the company adopts "characteristic zooplankton + microorganism-guided ecological succession water body repair technology", restores submerged plant systems through zooplankton + microorganisms, and restores a certain resistance and Underwater ecosystem with self-purification capability. At present, the technical advantages and construction experience of resources and environmental protection in this field are very obvious. The company has independently domesticated and quickly effective local microbial strains and hybrids that are suitable for local planting of fast-growing aquatic plants and a professional team with rich construction experience. Compared with other companies in the industry, it has achieved a short construction cycle and low operating costs, and the water quality standard can reach above Grade III surface water.
  • River Basin Comprehensive Improvement
    The PPP innovation model does a good job of innovating various financial tools to support this round of water environment business model of PPP and pay-per-effect. At the same time, it plans the company's listing and capital operation, innovates the PPP + PE model, and realizes the company's leapfrog development.
  • Equipment Intelligence
    Resources and Environmental Protection Listed In 2018, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the first 33 enterprises in the country that meet the "Environmental Protection Equipment Manufacturing (Sewage Treatment) Specification Conditions" list (the first batch), becoming one of the five Guangdong listed equipment companies.
  • Intelligent operation and maintenance services
    For water, three points are ruled, and seven points are raised. Water environment operation and maintenance services are essential. Resources and environmental protection, not only to be a first-rate expert on comprehensive improvement of the water environment, but also to be a first-rate expert on water quality management.

    Resources and environmental protection has accumulated rich experience in water quality operation and maintenance in rural sewage, river course management, black and odorous water bodies, and lake management, and formed its own long-term water management technology system and operation and maintenance method.
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