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  • 2018 year

    In January, resources and environmental protection won the bid for the Huicheng River dredging and the two rivers water ecological restoration project survey, design, construction, operation and general contracting, and Yangshan County PPP mode promoted the construction of sewage treatment facilities throughout the county.


    In February, Dongguan Resources Environmental Protection Equipment Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established.


    In April, Guangzhou Resources Environmental Protection participated in the 2017 China Water Industry Enterprise Selection and was awarded the leading company in the field of water environment restoration.

  • 2017 year

    In February, the Consortium of Resources and Environmental Protection won the bid for the whole city of Jiangmen City to promote a new round of PPP projects for the construction of domestic sewage treatment facilities in the eastern and western regions of Guangdong.

    In April, both Resource Environmental Protection and CUHK Environmental Protection obtained the "National High-tech Enterprise" certification, and the latest "ecological rural sewage treatment technology" developed by Resource Environmental Protection was rated as "High-tech Product of Guangdong Province".

    In August, the Consortium of Resources and Environmental Protection won the bid for the Guangzhou Dongshan Lake Water Quality Improvement Project and the Jiangmen High-tech Zone (Jianghai District) Longxi River, Mayuan River, and Mazhasha River Black and Smelly Water Comprehensive Treatment Project PPP projects.

    In September, the integrated equipment for river management was selected into the "Guide Catalog for the Promotion and Application of the First (Set) Major Technical Equipment (2017 Edition)" in Guangdong Province and Guangzhou City, ranking first among environmental protection enterprises in the same period.

  • 2016 year

    In June, it satisfies the requirements of the innovation layer standards for the new third-tier company's hierarchical management and entered the first batch of innovation-layer companies.

    In July, the company was awarded the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” key enterprise in the environmental protection industry of Guangdong Province, and General Manager Zhang Xiaojian was awarded the title of Outstanding Entrepreneur.


    In August, the Huachuang City Gold Center project, an urbanized financial asset trading platform jointly constructed by Huachuang Investment and the provincial government.


    In September, it became one of the ten water environment management companies recommended by the Guangzhou Water Affairs Bureau.


    In December, as the only company in South China, the company won two awards: the "Model Award for Environmental Management in Villages and Towns" and the "Contribution Award for the Treatment of Black and Stink Water".



  • 2015 year

    Resources Environmental Protection Holdings, Zhongda Environmental Protection, listed on the New Third Board in October.

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